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What ages can participate in the training?

Ideally the attendees would be between the ages of 9 and 13. Exceptions can be made depending upon the child and their desire to code.

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Is previous experience required?

Participants do not need any previous experience to attend the beginners course "Introduction to Coding" however to attend the Intermediate course, an attendee must have take the "Introduction to Coding" or equivalent exposure to coding.

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When and where are the courses being held?

Day time courses are typically held at area schools as a primer for their children and in some cases they are held as part of an effort to establish a Coding Club in the schools.
Evening courses have been typically held at the Clever Office facilities on 1st Street in Collingwood. The dates, days of the week, and the times vary depending upon interest and availability. If you are interested in evening classes be sure to check the website and / or social media pages for updates.

Courses can conceivably be brought to any facility that meets the requirements.

Course information including Instructor requirements, locations, dates and registrations will be posted on the Course Information page so go there for the latest details.

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Is one-on-on tutoring available?

One-one-one tutoring is not available at this time. If you have a group of between 6 to 15 students and a facility to run the training then by all means you can request a proposal to get pricing and possible scheduling details.

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How can we bring "Power of Coding" to our school?

To initiate a discussion regarding how and when the "Power of Coding" can be brought to your school simply reach out to us using the Contact section and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How much does the course typically cost?

Course pricing depends upon a number of aspects including student head count, location, expected deliverables, distance to the facility and so on.

School appearances vary greatly in attendance size, location, purpose (ie. training material for teachers to establish a resident coding club) therefore pricing for school appearances vary and require a custom quotation which we will happily provide.

For established evening events like the ones held in Collingwood, the cost is $180 plus HST per student.

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What are my payment options?

At this time payments can be made using e-transfer or by cheque made out to "Harmony Information Processing Solutions Inc." or by cash.