Power of Coding is For Sale

Good Day Everyone !

"Power of Coding" was started in late 2014 in Ontario Canada to introduce young minds to the incredible world of computer programming.

"Power of Coding" made use of Social Media to give people an idea of what "Power of Coding" was about and to reach out to local schools and kids to let them know about up-coming classes, appearances and schedules.

Eventually PowerOfCoding.com was registered and our website went live in early 2016.

After many successful sessions with many incredible kids, PowerOfCoding.com was rolling along and then, like almost everything, "Power of Coding" was impacted by the pandemic. This put an abrupt halt to the evening classes as well as all events at local schools. "Power of Coding" considered going virtual and thought a great deal about delivering the courses over Zoom or the like, but in the end it was decided that the joy in "Power of Coding" had everything to do with connecting with kids and parents in person. With the pandemic all but behind us all, resuming "Power of Coding" operations was considered but it was decided it is time for someone younger to take the reins. So to that end, the "Power of Coding" brand is now officially for sale. While it is a local operation that served the greater Georgian Triangle area of Ontario, it has tremendous national and even international potential and can compete with "Code Ninjas", "Coding with Kids" or other similar offerings.

The sale would include

• The transfer of ownership of the domain names below (and email addressing):

• PowerOfCoding.com
• PowerOfCoding.org
• PowerOfCoding.ca
• PowerOfCode.org
• PowerOfCode.ca

• The transfer of ownership (and applicable content) of the Social Media below:

• Instagram
• YouTube
• Facebook
• Twitter

• The PowerOfCoding.com website content including logos etc. (excluding inapplicable items)
• The Course Curriculum for beginners "Introduction to Coding" in PowerPoint or PDF format;

• Communications:

• Event Registration Forms
• Letters to parents
• Student Certificates of Completion

• Merchandise:

• 85 - "Power of Coding" branded water bottles.
• 100 - Green "Power of Coding" branded ear buds.
• 50 - White "Power of Coding" branded ear buds.
• 2 - "Power of Coding" (10" x 20") car magnets.
• 1 - Five foot "Power of Coding" portable Event Banner.
• Potentially some other goodies

Water Bottles
85 Water Bottles

150 Earbuds

Water Bottles Earbuds
Bottles and Earbuds

Car Magnets
2 Car Door Magnets

Event Banner
1 Event Banner

The pricing is extremely reasonable so contact me using the CONTACT page on the PowerOfCoding.com website if you would like more details or are interested in making an offer.